Wednesday 25 September 2019

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60 attendees heard about our 2019 season to date:
Season so far: More milk from more home grown feed - 2,240kgMS more milk, spent $10k less than budget YTD and have highest ever BCS going into mating.

Accurate soil testing: Adding Total N tests to the 7 blocks soil sampled annually. This allows us to align the most efficient N use strategy with each soil block.

Plan for mating: 100 Sexed semen straws for top 80% BW cows, Wagyu straws for the bottom 20% and all cows cycling in weeks 5-7.  From week 8 to the end of mating cows will receive short gestation dairy semen. 

Study of time and tasks on farm: We are monitoring hours towards our goal of 45hr/week/person (average for the year).  We also analysed time and tasks on farm through spring to identify the areas where we are spending the most time and look at options to reduce these. Movement of cows to and from milking is our first priority.



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